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"The chit operators or the foreman takes the initiate as to starting a chit group. The foreman based on these surveys of potential subscribers or based on his own decision determines the amount of the chit, the time period of such chit, the number of members, the number of installments and the amount payable on each instalment.
Once the foreman has decided on the chit group he has to go ahead with the procedural formalities as follows."

I. Fixed Deposit

The foreman has to create a fixed deposit with a scheduled bank upto 100% of the chit value as per the Chit Fund (Karnataka) Rules 1983. This fixed deposit is accountable to the foreman. The period of the fixed deposit has to be the same as that of the chit group or anything exceeding that.

II. Application of the prior sanction certificate

The foreman after obtaining the fixed deposit has to now make an application for prior sanction. This application is to be made to the registrar or the officer incharge of chit funds in that particular state. The application should also have the original copy of the fixed deposit. The registrar after receiving such application and deposit certificate would issue the prior sanction certificate.

III. Formation of chit group

The foreman is allowed to communicate or advertise about the new chit group only after obtaining the prior sanction certificate. The foreman now invites application from prospective subscribers. The application is in the form of chit agreement, which is filled in triplicate by the subscribers and duly signed and attested. The foreman has to now sort all these application in order.

IV. Certificate of Commencement

The foreman after collecting all application from the subscribers and deciding on the number of subscribers for the chit group has to make an application to registrar for the certificate of commencement. The application should accompany all the applications received by the foreman from the subscribers. The registrar on proper scrutiny of the application and collection of the charges would issue the certificate of commencement and also attest the applications received.

V. Communication of Certificate of Commencement

The foreman has to now communicate to all his registered subscribers the receipt of the certificate of commencement and he has to send the chit agreement duly attested and signed by the foreman himself and the registrar. The foreman also collects the first installment of the chit.

VI. Chit Auction

The date and time of auction is decided and communicated to all the subscribers. All the subscribers interested in drawing the chit amount make themselves present at the auction. There should be a minimum of 2 subscribers present at the auction as per the Chits Funds Act 1982.
The chit auction is conducted in the presence of all the subscribers and the foreman himself. The auction begins on the order of the foreman. The bid for the auction has to start from 5% of the chit amount which can go up to a maximum of 30% of the chit amount. The subscribers who are in immediate need of funds make to higher bid. The subscriber making the highest bid to forego the maximum percentage is declared as the Prized subscriber in the presence of all the other subscribers. In case there are more than two subscribers who are willing to forego the maximum of 30%, the prized subscriber is decided by a lucky draw.

VII. Payment to the Prized subscriber and Security

The foreman is liable to pay the amount in full to the subscriber as per the bid. The payment has to be made within a maximum of 30 days from the date of such auction or before the next draw.

VIII. Distribution of Surplus as Dividend

The amount foregone by the prized subscriber is the Surplus for the chit group. This surplus is to be distributed equally among all the subscribers also known as Dividend. This surplus can be distributed either in cash or can be adjusted towards the next installment of such chit.

IX. Minutes of the Chit

The minutes of the chit along with all the details of the prized subscriber, the amount foregone by him etc., are to be communicated to the Registrar of Chits. This report has to be submitted to the Registrar within a maximum of twenty one days from the date of such auction.
The cycle continues by the Foreman collecting the next installment from the subscriber and making the next auction.


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Day to Day Collection

At LotusInd, we have a dynamic and reliable collection executive team, who provide collection and payment services at your Door Step

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Flexible Instalments

We provide Flexible Instalment for your Chits. You can choose the best option of collections that suits your requirement. We have daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly collection options.

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Friendly & Caring Staff

We strongly believe, the Business Growth of our Clients, is the Growth of Thiripura. We care for our customer and provide a customer friendly environment for our customer.

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Timely Payment To Clients

We understand the importance of timely cash flow to the Business, so use technology for timely payments to our clients. We honour your faith through our payment


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LotusInd Chits Pvt. Ltd is the registered chit funds co., in the State of Karnataka, registered under the Chit Funds Act 1982. The company being registered under the Companies Act 1956, began its operations in November 2015. We are licensed chit operators coming under the preview of Chit Fund Act, RBI and Registrars of Company The company has a member profile of more than 100-150 registered Business/Working class customers and 50 employed customers participating actively in its chit programmes / schemes. Read More


    Corporate Office : # 122 / 15 / A , 1St Floor Kalburgi - Noolvi Avenue New Cotton Market , Deshpande Nagar HUBBALLI - 580029. KARNATAKA

    : 0836 - 4260414

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