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Normally I do not prefer chits as an option for investment. However when I heard that LOTUSIND
Chits is a registered chit fund company I decided to invest with them . The joining process and
the documentation were very smooth and the process was explained efficiently. The staff of LOTUSIND
chits are very professional and the statements and updates are sent regularly through email & SMS.

" Whenever I have approached LOTUSIND , I have never been disappointed. Whenever I needed financial
help and I needed to execute the biggest of the orders I was able to do it because of chit fund schemes
at LOTUSIND .If we keep on collecting small amount of money with the company, in the end we have a
huge capital in hand, which can be used for personal purposes or business purposes. "

" I am grateful to LOTUSIND Chit Fund that I have been able to increase my business to this level.
All the transactions are legal and cheque driven. I hope that with the help
of LOTUSIND all the manufacturers are able to double their business. "

" I wanted to save some money, so I decided to invest with LOTUSIND Chits Pvt.Ltd.
I really liked their wide range of chit
groups which matches to the need of people from different walks of life and the other confidence factor
is that it is a registered chit fund company. I had some medical
emergency for which I had to bid my chit and the amount was given to me on the promised time and
process was hassle free. "


LotusInd Chits Pvt. Ltd is the registered chit funds co., in the State of Karnataka, registered under the Chit Funds Act 1982. The company being registered under the Companies Act 1956, began its operations in November 2015. We are licensed chit operators coming under the preview of Chit Fund Act, RBI and Registrars of Company The company has a member profile of more than 100-150 registered Business/Working class customers and 50 employed customers participating actively in its chit programmes / schemes. Read More


    Corporate Office : # 122 / 15 / A , 1St Floor Kalburgi - Noolvi Avenue New Cotton Market , Deshpande Nagar HUBBALLI - 580029. KARNATAKA

    : 0836 - 4260414

     : info@lotusind.com

Registration No : U6599KA2015PTC084831